Main Activities


1 Publication of Brochures

The Center publishes booklets, leaflets and other related materials to raise awareness with regard to human rights. The booklets address different topics from human rights in general to particular human rights themes. These booklets come in various sizes, pages and prices. Those who wish to use them as dissemination materials to the general public at human rights awareness-raising events as teaching materials at a human rights awareness raising training in companies, local governments, and schools, may wish to choose a booklet that best suits their need from a broad range of selection.


2 Production of films and videos

The Center produces and provides with modest costs audio-visual materials (DVDs) to be used for human rights awareness-raising. The Center also provides with modest costs DVDs made by other film makers. These materials can be utilized as human rights education and training materials at schools, workplaces, and training sessions at local governments.


3 Organization of Symposiums and lectures

The Center organizes symposiums, lectures and seminars on human rights.


4 Conducting Training

The Center conducts human rights training to national and local government officials and staffs.


5 Implementing surveys and research

The Center conducts opinion surveys and surveys on actual situation of human rights including a survey on human rights and companies and corporate social responsibility, and a survey on activities defrauding Dowa (Buraku) people. The Center also conducts research on new methods of awareness-raising, including workshops that incorporate participatory methods.


6 Information gathering and dissemination

The Center collects and compiles various information and data on human rights. They are provided to the general public through its homepage and its monthly journal ” Allyu “. Books, DVDs, display panels, picture-story shows related to human rights are also available in our Human Rights Library.


7 Partnership with United Nations agencies

The Center provides in our homepage abridged Japanese translations of press releases of the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights(OHCHR )of the United Nations. Also, the Center is conducting a follow-up project on the Principles and Guidelines for the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons affected by Leprosy and their Family Members which were adopted at the UN in 2010.


8 Publication of information materials and conducting training

The Center produces materials for human rights awareness, and conducts human rights training upon request from local governments, companies, and organizations. Training will be planned, managed, and produced based on human rights themes, target groups and budgets. We also provide editorial supervision for materials and resources.