The objective of the Center for Human Rights Affairs is to contribute to the protection of fundamental human rights through comprehensive education, awareness-raising and public information regarding human rights; research, surveys, data gathering/provision and international partnerships on human rights; and consultations on human rights issues. To achieve this objective, the Center seeks to promote a “century of human rights” with a wide range of activities – preparing information materials, holding various human rights events, conducting research and surveys, and collecting/providing data related to human rights.

The Center for Human Rights Affairs

  • prepares human rights information materials for sale.
  • produces human rights films and videos for sale.
  • holds various human rights events.
  • provides training on human rights.
  • conducts research and surveys on human rights issues.
  • collects and provides human rights information.
  • works in partnerships with relevant UN agencies and departments.
  • conducts various activities under commission.
  • provides consultations on human rights education and awareness-raising.