The Center for Human Rights Affairs conducts a wide range of activities in partnership with other organizations involved in promoting human rights including international organizations, national and local governments, public-interest corporations, private-sector companies and civil society associations.

1. Materials for sale

We prepare booklets, posters and other information materials* for sale as an effective means of promoting human rights education and raising awareness.

* Other materials include leaflets, CD-ROMs and related goods.

2. Films and videos

We produce audio-visual materials for sale, including films and videos, to raise awareness about human rights issues.

3. Events

We organize various events related to human rights, including the Human Festa, for public information and awareness-raising.

4. Training

We provide various types of training including sessions for developing human rights advocacy leadership. We also organize “CSR and Human Rights” seminars for businessmen to provide information on good corporate practices in raising awareness about human rights issues.

5. Surveys and research

We conduct opinion surveys on human rights issues. Research has also been conducted on new techniques of raising awareness including workshops.

6. Collection and provision of information

We collect and compile various information and data on human rights, which are made available to the public through a wide range of media including information bulletins and websites. Books, videos and other materials on human rights are also available in our Human Rights Library.

7. Partnership with United Nations agencies

We are also involved in the collection of human rights information overseas, working in partnership with relevant UN agencies.

8. Production of information materials and other activities under commission

In some cases, we conduct various activities under commission, such as production of information materials, planning of events, research and surveys.*

* Please contact us for details.

9. Consultations on awareness-raising

We provide consultations for local authorities, private companies, civil society associations and schools on human rights education and awareness-raising, including necessary information on potential lecturers.